11 thoughts on “Puffin Bonanza

  1. Mark Sisson

    Nice read and some well considered compositions Ben – clearly a good week, and I too know just how easy it is to fall in love with Puffins!

  2. Penny Dixie

    Ben, I really enjoyed reading the blog. The images are really lovely. My particular favourite is the puffin’s head peeking out of the burrow through the thrift. During the trip, your observations and ability to commentate on the puffins as they went about their daily business had me in absolute fits of giggles. If my images aren’t up to much, I shall of course blame you for the camera shake and inaccurate focus as I shook with laughter and wiped the tears away from my face.
    It was a great week… and far too short. We’ll just have to go back 🙂

  3. Janet

    I enjoyed your blog it really captures the week. You have some outstanding photos, still working through mine. I echo your comments on a stunning island such a friendly welcome and well the Puffins are amazing. I love your descriptions of them and like you I will be returning. Finally a big thank you, to you and all the rest of the group for making it a very memorable and enjoyable week

  4. Ingrid

    Hi Ben!
    Absolutely wonderful pictures and love your comments. We had a great time and it was fantastic sharing this week with you and our lovely subjects! Can only hope my pictures will turn out as well as yours, had far too many, so still struggling, but nothing new there… anyway, will end with the puffin dance for now.. 🙂
    Keep practising though, you never know when we may meet up again! – All the best, Ingrid


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